Rob Welcome to my Productive Tips web site.

Personal Information Management (PIM) always had my special interest, during my more then 30 year career in the pharmaceutical industry. As project manager I work with scientists, legal people, contractors and many others disciplines, from all over the world. I always ran a number of different projects in parallel.

Working with many different disciplines, nationalities, projects and having tight timelines is very interesting and challenging.

Over the years I have tried different methods to cope with the enormous information flows. Some of the methods I tried were copied from others, and some were developed to suit my needs. On this website I want to show you some of the techniques I have adapted or developed. I hope these examples are an inspiration for all those with the same desire to stay in control.

The techniques are explained in short (about 8 minutes) episodes on YouTube. The Productivity Tips website you are visiting now links to these YouTube films and furthermore gives transcripts of the episodes.

Click on the links above see the episodes. Or click the video below for an introduction.